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Na Hati Records

– is a complex of studios which offers services of recording, music producing, ADR dubbing, making songs and sound tracks, mixing and mastering of premium quality. We have a high reputation in the field of sound recording and we offer professional consultation and support. We create an environment where you will be able to exercise your talents.

A distinctive part of our studio is our modern and vintage equipment. The control room of studio A is equipped with a mixer console from the top British manufacture Solid State Logic, our model is AWS 900+. 48 inputs and 48 outputs are supported by the console and the convertors Apogee Symphony IO and Avid HD IO. All the studio are high quality and built in AES Acoustic format

The studio complex has a vast variety of close monitors like Dynaudio AIR 20, KRK vxt6, KRK vxt8, Avantone Mix Cubes and far – Genelec 1038B.

Among the studio equipment there are some other “toys” from world famous brands like: Neve, Empirical Labs, Elysia, Avalon, Manley, Crane Song, SPL, Waves, universal audio, TC Electronic, Studer, Lexicon as well as a variety of microphones like: Neumann, DPA, Gefell, EV, AKG, Shure, Peluso, Sennheiser, Royer.

For the last years Na Hati Records studio recorded, mixed and mastered a numerous amount of albums and singles of different styles and genres as well as dubbed films and computer games.

Our company offers services for musicians, singers, artists, labels and corporate clients:

If you need to record a song, an album or dub a movie Na Hati Records will be the best choice for you!



“I am a maximum comfort kind of guy, that’s why Na Hati Records is a perfect studio for me. Right in the middle of the Ukrainian countryside, something that we need for our tired brains, you find yourself working in a super modern European professional studio, and they treat you so specially like you are Elton John or some other cool dude. So you find me on Na Hati Records if I’m not at home or on the road”

Kuzma, Skryabin band
“Sincerely thanking Na Hati Records for helping make my dreams come true. It’s so cool when you end up having the track sounding exactly like it sounded in your head. And of course Sasha Sadovets deserves special thanks for the soul he puts in it and for the professionalism”

Evgen Rogachevskiy, VV band
“I was always writing lyrics like Jay Z and Eminem and had guys like Met Quota, Max Chorny, B.Rich who wrote music like Kanye West and Pharrell, but I never had someone who could combine together texts and music and made it sound so awesome. Thank God now we have Sasha Sadovets with a right equipment and music taste

Vova Zi Lvova
Adress:Kyiv region, Vasilkov town
54b Polevaya St
ZIP Code 08600
Phone number (viber, telegram)+38 (067) 728-39-02 Alexander
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